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Here’s Why Music Majors are Some of the Best Entrepreneurs

Its Eileen, the Music Nerd! I spent most of my early years as a female entrepreneur, running away from the fact that I had a music degree instead of a business degree like most other entrepreneurs. When I look back at the thought process I had back then, I used to think that having a…

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Eileen Tan

Local Frisco Music School in Google Small Business Spotlight

This week we meet Eileen Tan of 7 notes Music school in Frisco, a suburb of North Dallas.  We asked Eileen to share her experiences of planning her business,  the challenges she is facing right now, and her top tips of others just starting out. How did you get started with your business? I started teaching piano…

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7 notes video

My child is losing interest

In today's culture we often see and hear parents spending far more time on non-essential, unimportant matters when it comes to kids.  The truth is that too many parents spend more time and energy on what their kids wear and eat than on how they behave and what they believe.   That is the truth.  …

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The Making of the Legend of Zelda, Piano in McKinney Texas

The video creation process for the Legend of Zelda was our trickiest yet. Securing the spot for filming was quite a wonderful thing, thanks to the generous support of the Mayor of McKinney, Texas, George Fuller. He owns the beautiful Crotia inspired Adriatica Villa and we were honored as to have the Zelda video be…

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