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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of violin, cello, or viola with our specialized strings program. Perfect for both adults and kids, these classical instruments offer a unique opportunity to create beautiful melodies. If you’ve always been captivated by the sound of strings and are ready to put in the work, this is the instrument for you!

Choosing a String Instrument

The violin, viola, and cello are three majestic string instruments that offer unique sounds and challenges. Let’s explore a brief description of each instrument and consider which one may be suitable for beginners.


The violin is perhaps the most iconic of the three instruments, producing a sweet and high-pitched sound. It is known for its elegant design, comprising four strings and a curved wooden body. The violin requires precision and dexterity, as it is played by drawing a bow across the strings or plucking them with the fingers. Its small size makes it ideal for younger beginners, as they can start at an early age.


Slightly larger than the violin, the viola offers a warm and mellow tone. It possesses a deeper sound due to its larger body and thicker strings. The technique used to play the viola is similar to the violin, but it requires slightly more strength and broader finger movements. Due to its size, the viola is better suited for individuals with larger hands or those who prefer a lower pitch range.


The cello is the largest and deepest-sounding instrument among the three. It produces a rich, resonant tone that is often described as warm and soulful. With its large size and unique playing position, the cello demands physical strength and coordination. Players need to use a bow or pluck the strings with their fingers, while sitting and supporting the instrument between their legs. The cello is suitable for individuals who enjoy a deeper sound and are willing to invest time in learning the intricacies of this remarkable instrument.

In conclusion, the violin, viola, and cello are all exceptional instruments that offer unique musical experiences. Beginners should consider their personal preferences, physical attributes, and the resources available before making their choice. Regardless of which instrument one chooses, embarking on this musical journey is an enriching and rewarding experience that can last a lifetime.

It’s important to try out different instruments to see which one feels comfortable in your hands and resonates with you emotionally.

It’s worth noting that learning any of these instruments requires time, dedication, and proper instruction. 

Remember, choosing an instrument is an exciting journey that should align with your musical aspirations and personal connection to the sound it produces.

We understand the importance of discipline in learning an instrument. The best way to find out is to come in and take a lesson with us. Our experienced strings instructors will guide you through the world of music.