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Piano Course

Our diverse range of piano programs caters to the unique goals and aspirations of every student, ensuring a harmonious journey through the magical world of music.

For those seeking a balance between learning and leisure, our recreational programs offer a delightful blend of musical education and enjoyment. These programs provide an ideal platform for students of all ages to explore their musical talents and develop a strong foundation in piano playing.

Classical Music and Examinations
Ideal for the more serious student

If you’re passionate about honing your skills and seeking a more structured approach, our curriculum-based programs are designed to elevate your piano proficiency to new heights. With a comprehensive syllabus that encompasses Classical, Baroque and Romantic music, we offer an enriching learning experience that prepares students for examinations and cultivates a deep appreciation for the timeless masterpieces of the great composers.

Recreational Program
Ideal for Older Teens and Adults

Our pop music program is tailor-made for middle schoolers, teen or adult who yearn to unleash their inner maestros and serenade the world with contemporary tunes. Whether you aspire to perform in intimate settings or captivate crowds with your piano prowess, this program is the perfect avenue to learn popular melodies and master the art of playing for pure enjoyment.

Things we cover in a private lesson

Performance pieces, technical exercises and in-depth guidance for exams (if chosen). 

Extras:  Performing Opportunities and Big Concerts twice a year.

Whether you seek classical elegance, contemporary flair, or simply want to embrace the joy of playing piano for fun, 7 Notes has the perfect curriculum waiting for you. Come, embark on a melodic adventure that will leave an indelible imprint on your musical soul. Enroll today and let the symphony of your dreams come to life.