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My child is losing interest

In today’s culture we often see and hear parents spending far more time on non-essential, unimportant matters when it comes to kids.  The truth is that too many parents spend more time and energy on what their kids wear and eat than on how they behave and what they believe.   That is the truth.   Why do children and parents have to be so preoccupied with the current movies,  ipads,  video games and spending time with peers?  It takes a great deal of energy and time.  This would be better spent on talking with your children  about important things.   Important things might be showing respect for parents and teachers,  exhibiting  good work ethic, moral behavior and a desire to please parents and teachers.  Too often parents give up or suppress their beliefs because it isn’t cool and their  kids wont’ listen anyway.  Kids are allowed decide what they want to believe and how they want to behave.  What seems to have happened is that when important things started slipping and were hard to find in the culture,  less important things became the important things and then we had trouble getting  kids to do what we wanted them to do.  It really seems to have gotten backwards to the detriment of our kids. How does a child learn to  respect his parents and teachers, and do as he is asked to do and live by a moral code,  if his parents do not talk to him about right & wrong behavior everyday?