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Cheap Piano Lessons in Frisco, Plano area

The Truth of In-Home Lessons Many of you asked for in-home lessons, so the verdict is…. Drumroll…. No!   Many years ago, I drove to students' houses.  I had a lot of students quickly because of the convenience for parents, but there was no progression, students would just drop and there was no parental support.   I started to…

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Parenting Musicians During a Global Pandemic

Parenting is tough. Parenting musicians are tougher. Parenting musicians during a global pandemic absolute joy, though not without its highs and lows. I'm confident that I'm not alone in thinking COVID19 has put a lot of strain on all parents. Especially new parents. Our newest resident violinist, Aiden, just had a beautiful baby boy, and…

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Leading in COVID19 Safety & Reopening!

7 Notes is REOPENING in August! The stories are true. After a long quarantine due to COVID-19, our doors are finally (soft) reopening on August 1st. We're accepting students in the physical space for piano, guitar, voice and violin. Schedule a call for more info NOW! Here's how 7 Notes is leading music schools…

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Violin Classes for Kids – Is talent overrated?

Is musical talent the most important thing for an aspiring musician? According to Laurie Niles, who has taught violin for 25 years, talent is really not the most important thing. “So you have to be really talented to play the violin, don’t you?” This was a question posed to me last week by an adult who is returning…

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Cost of Piano Lessons in Frisco, Texas

Music has always been an important educational tool, but the allure of the piano has captivated millions of people for centuries now. Unsurprisingly, students signing up for piano lessons form a goodly number at most schools and institutions. These lessons can vary anywhere between $40 and $70 for every session, and here are the factors…

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Star Wars Summer Camp 2020

From Princess Lea and Darth Vader to Jar Jar Binks and Hans Solo, there are so many reasons why Star Wars has earned a well-deserved place in millions of viewers' hearts throughout the years. One aspect of this box office hit that has really solidified the love affair is the music. Hummed, strummed, and spoofed…

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The Legend of Zelda, Piano in McKinney, Texas

The video creation process for the Legend of Zelda was our trickiest yet. Securing the spot for filming was quite a wonderful thing, thanks to the generous support of the Mayor of McKinney, Texas, George Fuller. He owns beautiful Croatian inspired Adriatica Villa and we were honored as to have the Zelda video…

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In-Home Lessons in Frisco

The Truth of In Home Lessons! Some parents ask why 7 Notes does not offer in-home lessons. Before we built this educational facility, I had my share of driving to student's homes. Homes are such an unpredictable environment. What's convenient for the parent isn't always best for the child. It's hard for children to concentrate on anything…

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