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Leading in COVID19 Safety & Reopening!

7 Notes is REOPENING in August!

The stories are true. After a long quarantine due to COVID-19, our doors are finally (soft) reopening on August 1st. We’re accepting students in the physical space for piano, guitar, voice and violin. Schedule a call for more info NOW! Here’s how 7 Notes is leading music schools in COVID19 safety:

Most businesses have since reopened a little earlier. Here at 7 notes we’re taking every precaution and safety measure to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our students, parents, and staff.

Keeping the school sanitary with the highest standard of health protocols is no easy feat. We’re not only implementing the usual features: face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, etc. — 7 notes is taking it several steps further!

Nowhere for COVID19 to run…

Isolation has given us the distinct opportunity to upgrade all our HEPA air filters to the highest quality. That’s “high efficiency particulate air.” We’re eliminating a/c as a potential vector for spreading anything during the hot Texas summer!

Nowhere for COVID19 to hide…

We’re also going to be using UV wands to doubly sanitize all of our instruments, equipment, & really the whole space! Our rockstar teachers and staff are trained to make sure nothing smaller than a human stays alive. Everything will be cleaner than a CDC safe room!

Parting Thoughts

Although keeping clean and staying safe is important, we also don’t want to dampen the fun environment that is 7 Notes! So we’re going to work triply hard to make sure you and your kids still feel right at home. Our focus at 7 Notes is not just excellence in music education, but leading music schools in COVID19 safety

Follow us EVERYWHERE on social media to see our safety procedures in action. See all the exciting things we and the rest of the music scene are up to. We at 7 Notes are leading by example here in DFW.