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Cheap Piano Lessons in Frisco, Plano area

The Truth of In-Home Lessons

Many of you asked for in-home lessons, so the verdict is…. Drumroll….

No!   Many years ago, I drove to students’ houses.  I had a lot of students quickly because of the convenience for parents, but there was no progression, students would just drop and there was no parental support.   I started to hate teaching because they never practiced or didn’t care. It is energy draining.  I’ve set my team and I  to a higher standard.

What’s convenient for the parent is not always best for the child.  We’ve built this educational facility to invest in your child’s music education and our excellent teaching team for optimal learning!

If your child loses interest, it’s because the study of music is not easy, and effort is involved! You’re teaching your child to be persistent.  What a great coach you are!

Children feel empowered when they can accomplish something through effort.   If not, there is no value.

Cheaper Lessons

How much do you value your child’s potential?

If you choose someone who is cheap, you often get what you pay for. Don’t be afraid to invest in your child! 

Stay awesome!  Eileen the Music Nerd