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Cost of Piano Lessons in Frisco, Texas

Music has always been an important educational tool, but the allure of the piano has captivated millions of people for centuries now. Unsurprisingly, students signing up for piano lessons form a goodly number at most schools and institutions. These lessons can vary anywhere between $40 and $70 for every session, and here are the factors which determine how much a teacher will charge you:

The First Criterion is Your Tutor’s EXPERIENCE
You could hire a teacher who has been teaching thousands of students for over a decade or you could choose the guy next door who teaches a couple of students in his free time. The fees they charge and the quality of education they impart will be miles apart.

Think of when you were learning to drive: sure, you knew how to drive – technically – but you only got better after lots of practice. A tutor who has had a fair bit of practice will know how to guide students better, be able to anticipate problems, and will have experience-backed guidance to provide. All of which can be extremely beneficial for your learning.

Experience in performing matters even more!
Performers are artists of another level. Once you get acquainted with an instrument for some time, it is just a question of how much effort you put in. But then, even if you put in a significant deal of effort and get really good, stage performances are a different thing altogether.

A musician who also spends his or her time tutoring students will know the exact dynamics of the stage too, versus one who is a classroom player. They will know the exact way in which sound bounces off the auditorium walls, the way microphones pick up noises, and how to handle the pressure of a live audience. If you’re looking forward to recitals, you should make sure you opt for a tutor with some performance experience.

REPUTATION is a Ridiculously Important Factor
Piano tutors are unlikely to advertise themselves: rather, their students are their advertisements. When you see a brilliant performance or performer, you’re likely to wonder how they got so good, isn’t that so? A stellar reputation generally implies that your piano teacher has some success with students: but that also means they charge quite a bit for their services. Lessons can range as high as $400 for a 1/hour session, going up to nearly $1000 dollars in some places which offer a monthly package.

Questions of Demographics and Location
Another factor that affects costs is the location: in a place like California with its aspiring musicians, performers and show-biz hopefuls, music lessons cost significantly higher than, say, in a Mississippi backwater. In fact, location is such a basic yardstick that cost of lessons can vary as soon as you cross over from NYC to New Jersey: a lesson in NYC for $100 becomes $44 dollars in NJ.

A Few Last Words
Choosing the right teacher is as tough as choosing the right bride for your wedding if not tougher! Never choose a teacher based on the fees. That should be the least of your concern and should only be considered for budgeting. Listening skills, organizing, performing, planning, writing, reading, and etc. – there’s so much to learn, and having a professional piano tutor by your side makes it easier. 7 Notes has already the best pre-selected trained and mentored teachers for you. Visit us at 2787 Preston Road, unit 1190, Frisco, Texas or book a tour today!