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What’s better- Piano or Guitar Lessons?

The guitar and piano are instruments that are found all over the world and compared to other instruments, they are easily accessible. It is not uncommon to hear of a significant percentage of any given population that had an opportunity to learn either of these instruments, even if they did not master them.

There is an interesting perspective on these two instruments that will give you insight into learning the guitar. The following account by Christopher Scapelliti gleans on the observations made by a well-known guitarist:

Piano Basics and Guitar Learning

The basics of the piano-learning rules will go a long way in helping you to learn the guitar more efficiently. This advice is given by Eric Johnson who is skilled in both the piano and the guitar:
He clarifies that you need not master the piano, but a good understanding of how things work will give you the advantage when learning the guitar. The piano gives a comprehensive understanding of the entire music learning spectrum.

The Piano Layout

The way the piano is structured gives one a bird’s eye view of all the notes and keys in a continuum. This is very different from the guitar, which doesn’t have such an arrangement. When one is able to catch this arrangement and how it works, the knowledge will greatly assist in learning the guitar, and other instruments too.

Every piano player can tell the keys and the notes since they are arranged in a standard manner:

Reading Music

The language used in piano learning is standard notation, and the best part is that it’s much easier to read than guitar. This is explained as follows:

Learning to read music written for the piano will in many ways open up your boundaries so you can learn more guitar and also communicate with other instrumentalists.


The piano has the ability to play a bigger range of music, which explains why two players can play it at the same time in harmony. Exposure to such rich music will go a long way in making your guitar playing more interesting and give you ideas you wouldn’t have.

Piano Playing and Songwriting

The nature of playing the piano demands that both hands are put to use. This is a very important skill that many guitarists do not possess. It helps in songwriting since the concepts can be used to add more variations to a song which are typically not possible for a guitarist.

All Keys

Playing the piano will give you the opportunity to play all the keys available to you instead of being restricted to the few you are used to. You will expand the range of music that you know and thus become a guitarist whose playing is not “predictable”

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