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What does it take to Become a Successful Female Entrepreneur?

You might have seen a lot of those personality tests online which are supposedly going to help you determine whether or not you have it in your to become a successful businesswoman. While these quizzes and tests can be a good way to pass your time, failing these tests does not mean you cannot be a female entrepreneur.

Mostly, these tests ask you vague questions like “are you a good leader?” and “how well can you work with other people?” Quite frankly, these questions are nothing more than clichés. As a successful female entrepreneur with no business education, I know for a fact that these questions do not apply to people like myself.

“So what does it take to become a successful Female Entrepreneur?” That’s what you were wondering, right? Here are the most important things that an entrepreneur should develop in order to own and run a successful business.

Positive Attitude

I’m not talking about just smiling all the time and acting like everything’s okay. It does not matter if you are an optimist or a pessimist. These are just ways of seeing situations. I’m a person that believes in action and how you respond to situations matters more than how you see them.

A true entrepreneur will have the kind of attitude which requires a refusal to quit, no matter how tough the situation gets. That’s got little to do with being an optimist or a pessimist. Refusing to give up shouldn’t be confused with being pig-headed. I like to refer to it more as a “can do” attitude so that you never give up and deal with situations with a variety of solutions.


Networking, networking, networking. This is something I simply cannot emphasize enough on. There is no ‘I’ in success. Okay, maybe that’s not a valid argument but you see, flying solo can only get you so far. If you want your business to expand, you cannot isolate yourself. Get out there and build a strong network. This will allow you the access you need to a variety of resources, which can improve your business’ efficiency, your knowledge and your chances of succeeding.

Thick Skin

If there is one personality trait that you absolutely must have as a female entrepreneur, it is thick skin. As a Successful Businesswoman myself, I can tell you that you will face a lot of obstacles just because of the fact that you’re not a man. It’s a sad state of affairs. The dynamics are changing but for now, this is how the situation is.

If you take everything personally, you won’t be able to accept ideas and change. That means your success as a businesswoman will be limited. In order to become successful, you need to be willing to listen to new ideas and solicit opinions that other people give you. Both of them are equally important.

Learn how to filter out the constructive criticism from the useless slander.

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, if you want to become a successful businesswoman, you don’t need to pass some silly online quizzes. What you do need to do is adopt the right kind of mindset that will help you succeed. You need to be curious and hungry for more information. Talk to other businesswomen, friends, family – basically anybody you can learn from. Having a thick skin will help you go a long way when you combine it with a can-do attitude and Networking Skills.