Summer Camp 2022 - 7 Notes Yamaha Music School
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Summer Camp 2022

  /  Summer Camp 2022

Piano Camp

Learn Piano the Fun Way

Details:  July 18-22, Monday to Friday 9 to 12pm

Ages: 8-12 years old, beginner students, small group size for optimal learning.

Tuition: $333 for five days

Registration Fee: $45 for non-members

Learn piano and musical instruments and fast-track your learning ability.One week of piano camp is equivalent to six months of weekly lessons.Kids will also learn singing, how to read notes, music theory, composers, and how to compose their first song.


Summer Sampler

Piano, Guitar and Violin

Tuition: $197

Lessons: 6

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes per class

Can’t decide between piano, guitar or violin?
This is the perfect jump start for your child to  explore different instruments, private and group style lessons and see what suits their learning style that want to continue in the fall. We will customize the schedule based on class schedule and your vacation dates.


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