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Learn a New Skill!

Summer Piano Lessons in Frisco Plano

Introductory Offer!

8 week Summer Sampler – Learn a New Skill!

Register now and you’ll be on your way to learning a new skill and trying out different instruments in little as 8 weeks! A step by step plan for new beginners to get kids to practice.

  • Make it easy and have fun this summer!
  • Uncover the path to  try out different instruments.
  • Play Cool Songs
  • 8-30 minute lesson- attend classes weekly, private lessons
  • $297 new student offer

Includes up to two instruments of your choice (piano, guitar, voice or violin)

(4 lessons each)

Includes workbook, student bag and practice journal.

A summer registration fee of $60 is applicable.

Offer ends June 19, 2021

violin lessons in Frisco

Fun Violin Lessons

  • Summer Lessons helps your bored child learn a new instrument in 8 weeks and learn new songs fast.
  • Mix and match (eg. Violin and voice- guitar and voice, etc)
  • Learn Critical Thinking Skills

Learn classical guitar

Classical Guitar Lessons
  • If you want to play a new instrument, brag to your friends and have critical thinking skills, then the summer sampler is definetely for you!
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